Exchange 2013 ContentIndexState: Failed

Following on from my previous post, I still could not search through the public folders.

Taking another look at the event viewer I noticed the following errors:


Microsoft.Exchange.Search.Fast.PerformingFastOperationException Cannot invoke service method GetFlows


Microsoft.Exchange.Search.Core.Abstraction.OperationFailedException Microsoft.Exchange.Search.Core.Abstraction.CatalogReseedException


Get-MailboxDatabaseCopyStatus returned the Content Index State as failed.


Stop the Exchange Search service
Stop the Exchange Host Search Service
Browse to:

C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\V15\Mailbox\Mailbox Database XXXXXXXXXX\

There will be a folder with a GUID name and the word single on the end. (example: F3C16DF5-58AC-4218-8E38-984C7D6250F112.1.Single)

Rename this folder, add .old to the end of the folder name.

Start the Exchange Host Search Service first then start the Exchange Search service.

Note. The search indexer will take some time to reindex everything on the database.

Use this command to see its status in an Exchange shell: